Hi there! I’m Molly!

I’m a mother to two sweet sons and one adorable daughter. I’m a wife to my wonderful husband of ten years. We live in the friendly Midwest and only sometimes dream about the beach. Just kidding, we do that every day!

How this site began:

I’ve been a blogger for ten years. I know, I kind of can’t believe it either. But I was on MySpace one day in 2006 (GASP!) and learned about starting your own blog.

I had my first son in 2008 and began telling stories on my blog of what it was like to be a mother for the first time and all the growing pains that came with that new role. I went from one child to two children to three children – while writing about it all.

What started as an online space to write down all my silly thoughts has become an amazing way to support my family while doing something I love.

The purpose of this site:

My greatest joy is trying to be the best mom and wife I can so my family will thrive. It is also important for me to grow and stretch as a woman. I have realized that I’m not the perfect person. Not by any stretch of the imagination! But who wants to be a perfect person anyway – no fun!

By writing on numerous websites, and here at A New Way for You, I’ve learned that writing about imperfections and embracing them is the only way to improve life as you go along. So I hope we can share smiles, tears, and laughter together while learning to make things better in our lives.

It is my hope and my site’s mission that anything I share on A New Way for You will help you discover ways to embrace and enjoy this life.

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I’m so glad you’re here and I hope you stay awhile and make this a place you revisit for ideas and inspiration.


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